We are excited to announce that work will be resuming as Manatee Season comes to an end on April 1st, 2021!

What’s in store?

Work will begin by running black HDPE pipe down 2A2 all the way to Three Sisters Spring. From there, we will run lay-flat hoses to the end of canal 6. One crew will begin cage and vacuum maintenance in Canal 6. Meanwhile, another crew will begin vacuum cleaning in 2B1.

Both crews will be dewatering to Shatz Island.

We are excited to get back in the water! (See the referenced areas below in purple)

Map outlining work areas

What is vacuum cleaning?

Vacuum cleaning is when our contractors at Sea & Shoreline move into a previously unrestored area and begin removing layers of muck and debris from years of decay. This is the beginning of our proven three-step process to remove, restore, and maintain.

What is maintenance work?

There are two types of maintenance work we may refer to. One is cage maintenance the other is vacuum maintenance.

Cage Maintenance

When we refer to cage maintenance we are genuinely talking about a Good ‘Ole Fashioned scrubbing!! For a year after cages are installed to protect newly planted eelgrass the cages are maintained and cleaned periodically to ensure they are doing their job!

Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuum maintenance refers to returning to previously cleaned areas for a year after the initial clean to remove any algae that has drifted back in. This helps keep the area clean until the planted eelgrass has established well enough to perform its “natural” cleaning cycle.

Why did restoration work pause?

With the annual migration of manatees to Crystal River each year, certain limitations are put in place to ensure there is no disturbance to their behavioral patterns.

While our workers are careful year-round to ensure the safety of not only the manatees but all aquatic and human life on the waterways, during “Manatee Season” the main corridors are designated for migratory purposes and much of our restoration work is put on hold until we receive the “all clear” from the necessary agencies.

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