Fun in the Sun

Visiting Crystal River offers a plethora of “Fun in the Sun” activities. Boating, kayaking, snorkeling, the possibilities are almost endless! Enjoying all the excitement our Gem of The Nature Coast has on hand is the perfect way to get back to our roots and bond with Mother Nature. Staying conscious of the footprint we leave behind ensures these treasures and opportunities live on for future generations.

Party Green?

Don’t worry! Being a responsible visitor does NOT mean giving up any of the fun or paying extra to be ‘green’. It just means taking care and designing your experience to leave a POSITIVE impact once you’ve gone.


One of our favorite ways to experience our waterways. Taking just a few extra steps will reduce negative effects tremendously.

Always Anchor Responsibly! Look for a spot free of grass to drop your anchors. If possible, use a power pole hydraulic anchor (Or make your own!!)

Check for cages! Keeping the eel grass safe will ensure it is properly rooted and sustainable. If you notice your anchor is stuck take a moment to check it is not stuck in one of our cages.

Watch the shallows! Low tides give us many shallow spots, ‘running a ground’ and ‘prop scars’ caused by boat motors damage grass beds and can take almost TWO decades to grow back.


Getting up close and personal with the wonders under water also provides a unique way to help!

exclusion cage

This newer exclusion cage is designed for multi year use

Float! Avoid walking through eel grass beds (This also keeps the water clear so you can see all the beauty around you)

Please do not disturb the eel grass cages. BUT! If you happen to see a cage flipped upside down or damaged take a moment to let us know! Shoot an email to

If you see one of our eel grass plants taking a swim GRAB IT! Feel free to pick a new home and replant it among an established eel grass bed.

Kayak & Paddle boards!

Enjoy the simpler things!

Choosing a kayak or paddle board for your trip through paradise is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with the beauty around us. Also offering a smaller impact on our Eco-system (And your wallet).

Everything we do will leave an impact on the world around us. Make yours a positive one.