Spud Anchor Rebate Program Phase 2

Save Crystal River, in partnership with our generous private and corporate donors, is offering a rebate program to local tour boat operators to reduce the number of anchors in Kings Bay. Anchoring causes irreparable damage to the eelgrass beds that are being restored, yet alternative anchors can be expensive.
Through the generous donations from several individuals we will be offsetting the costs of these anchoring systems.

See below for the rules of the program:

To participate, businesses must be located within Citrus County and have a valid business registration on file. This program is intended for businesses that take visitors on the water for manatee tours, fishing, swimming, etc. primarily within Kings Bay and its canals. This program can also be used for businesses that rent boats to the public that primarily stay within Kings Bay. The boat owner must reserve funds by notifying Save Crystal River in writing using the Intent to Participate form below. After receiving confirmation of reservation of funds, participants shall purchase and install the new power pole anchor of their choice and submit proof to Save Crystal River within 60 days of installation. Save Crystal River will do a physical inspection to verify that the equipment has been installed before releasing funds.
Rebates will be given on a first come first serve basis until funds run out. It is required to notify Save Crystal River of your intention to use this program BEFORE purchasing using the attached form to reserve your funds. You will have 90 days from this intent to purchase notification to buy and install your anchor. Failure to use the funds before the funds’ reservation expiration date will result in those funds being returned to the general account for others to use unless an extension is obtained from Save Crystal River.

Power Pole Anchor Rebate:

Receive funds to help towards the purchase and installation of a power pole anchor up to $600 in total.
1. Reserve funds using INTENT TO PURCHASE FORM/RESERVATION OF FUNDS and receive written confirmation of reservation of funds & expiration date.
2. Purchase items and have them installed
3. Complete ANCHOR REBATE FORM and send a scanned copy of the receipt showing date purchased, cost, and store purchased from for power pole. Send a scanned copy of the receipt showing the same for the installation OR a date-stamped photo of it mounted to your boat if you install it yourself.
4. A Representative from Save Crystal River will inspect/verify installation has been completed and will request release of funds.
5. Receive a reimbursement check for the amount spent or up to $600 whichever is less.

Note: Failure to use the anchor system for its intended purpose while on the water will result in a forfeiture of the grant money and must be repaid within 60 days of being informed via letter of a failure to use the funds for their intended purpose. These items cannot be resold or given away. This rebate is intended for boats that
primarily operate within the restored eelgrass area and not for boats that operate primarily in the Gulf.

We wish to thank the private sponsors of this Grant Program: Dennis & Christel  Ryan, The Woodnote Foundation and Margaret & David Perry Foundation; and the corporate sponsors: Duke Energy, Plantation Realty, and Sea & Shoreline. Their generous donations allow us to offer this program. Additionally,  we need to highlight and thank the guides that we are aware of that are already practicing “Responsible Anchoring” in their daily activities:  Explorida, Plantation Resort, Manatees in Paradise, River Safari & Gulf Charters, and Seabound Tours. We also wish to thank the many private boat owners that use Spud poles or Power poles when anchoring in our Bay. We all need to do our part to preserve the newly established grass.

Together we can Save Crystal River!

Interested companies can download the forms below and send the INTENT TO PURCHASE/ RESERVATION OF FUNDS to info@SaveCrystalRiver.com. Please wait for a written confirmation of funds reservation prior to purchase.