Saving the world.

Intimidating, right? How can one person save the entire world? When you think about it that way, of course it seems unattainable. Instead, lets think of it in more relatable terms.

See something DO something

Yes, saying something will help.. in some cases. But, what if you see someone throw paper on the ground, or an old lady trying to cross the street? Are you supposed to go run and find someone else to pick it up? Is dear sweet Ethel still waiting on you to bring her escort? Of course not!

The same applies for our ecosystem. But how can you help?


Inform your friends, co-workers, neighbors. Tell anyone you can! In some cases, problems go unnoticed simply because we assume everyone already knows it’s there. Raising awareness of the problem is the first, and biggest, step to solving it.


We know the ‘D WORD’ can be pretty intimidating in itself. But it doesn’t have to be! We have bills too, but donating even the smallest amount adds up tremendously. You can even donate without actually costing yourself anything! Amazon Smile donates a portion of your purchase on eligible items to the organization of your choice (Hopefully ours!)


Definitely our favorite way to make a difference, volunteering is a great way to really be involved. From saving ‘floaters’ (eel grass that has up rooted, usually seen floating on the surface), to collecting items that will go in to our educational science kits (We need Iphones BTW). Save Crystal River volunteers range from all different ages to all different skill sets. You can find out more on getting involved by signing up for our newsletter.

Mind your waters

This one takes a little… self reflecting. Think about the actions you are taking that could be effecting our water ways.


There a several ways you could be unknowingly damaging our local springs. Check out these great tips to hep you become a responsible gardener (Let us know if any surprise you!).

Fun in the sun

Our favorite past time. Spending lazy days out on the waters. This is where a lot of damage happens, though. Staying informed on the proper in-water etiquette can greatly help reduce your foot print and leave a positive impact for future generations. (You know we’ve got tips on this one too!)

Be the difference

Just knowing there is a problem and believing you can make a difference, no matter how small, is a BIG step to ensuring our natural water ways will thrive for generations to come.

Welcome to the team!

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