Everyone has the power to make lasting environmental changes for generations to come. Your donation will help us reach our goal of restoring 92.5 acres of Kings Bay in Crystal River, FL to the once crystal clear, thriving ecosystem it used to be. To date, we have cleaned and restored over 36 acres that are now lush, flourishing meadows of eelgrass once again teeming with life. We have vacuumed out over 163 MILLION POUNDS of muck that has been smothering our waterways, and in the process, have unclogged over 500 springs. We are saving the bay one acre at a time but we need your help to finish. This year we are $600,000 short for what is required to finish one of the major areas of Kings Bay. Will you please help us achieve our goal?

We are looking for benefactors to ensure this project is completed on time. We hope you consider donating at one of the levels below to help make this dream a reality for all of us to enjoy for generations to come.