The smallest actions make a BIG difference


Helping to make a difference doesn’t have to mean dedicating your life to an organization (though we won’t turn that down!). Helping simply means doing what you can, when you can. Even the smallest actions can make a massive difference. Take a look at our opportunities and see where you fit in.



We believe that no one WANTS to harm the environment, it’s just lack of knowledge that leaves visitors, and sometimes residents, causing damage that is easily avoidable. Advocating and informing those you may see causing anchor damage, accidentally damaging the eelgrass cages, shuffling their feet and uprooting the eelgrass, etc. is a huge help in spreading our message (just remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Be kind when you remind). You can also share our posts on social media to help spread the word.



While we have been very lucky to receive State and County funding to restore and maintain our waterways, donations allow us to move forward faster. It also allows us the ability to be more creative when raising awareness, making our impact reach farther. $5, $50, or $500, every penny helps us get a little bit closer to our goal. Restoring, and maintaining, these natural wonders we have been blessed with. Click here to see donation options.



Education is the KEY to ensuring the past does not repeat itself. If you love to teach, we would love for you to help educate our next generation of environmental stewards. We work closely with the local elementary school and need assistance running programs for the children throughout the year. In the future, we aim to work with home school children through either a workshop or field trip opportunity. Any volunteers to help create and manage these projects would be a huge asset. If interested please email

(Note: any volunteers working with children will be required to undergo a mandatory screening and background check) 



If you’ve got a ‘growing’ passion, start an eelgrass nursery! Anyone who lives on, or frequents, the waterways has probably noticed that sometimes our eelgrass plants enjoy a nice float around. This is due to a few different variables. Our local manatee population is really happy munching on the eelgrass and sometimes accidentally pull the plants out. People, unknowingly, will disrupt the plants by shuffling their feet along the bottom and uprooting them. And finally, anchors will tear tons of eelgrass out if used improperly. Here’s where YOU come in! If you see eelgrass floating by with the roots still intact there are 2 very helpful options. 1. Grab it and replant it right where you found it, making sure to secure it into the sand. 2. Bring them home and grow them in a plastic tote (just add sand and fresh water from the canals). When they are established you can bring the tote to us and we will make sure they get replanted where they belong.



Pictures are a wonderful resource! Imagine trying to describe Lyngbya, the impact it has had on our waterways, and how beautiful our springs look after a good cleaning compared to before WITHOUT any visual aid? It would take forever (and if we’re being realistic, most people would have glazed over before we’re finished). Having fresh photos of the project and the waterways are always a tremendous help in spreading our message and raising awareness. No fancy camera? No problem! Amateur photos are just as encouraged! Please send any photos you wouldn’t mind us using on our educational materials to



If you’ve got a little time to spare, (where do you find it?), think about donating a bit of it to our cause. Occasionally we are given the opportunity to spread our message at local festivals and events. We are able to do this at no cost to us by trading a few volunteers to work the festival. If you are interested in spending a little time working a ticket booth, running errands, or working our booth we would love to have you on board! Raising awareness is just as important as raising funds. This allows us to spread knowledge on how we got here and simple tips on how to be eco-friendly.


Any and all of these volunteer options are a huge help in furthering our mission and reaching our goal. Remember, volunteering doesn’t have to mean a life-changing obligation. Many things you do already help more than you may know. If you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities, or if you have a volunteering suggestion, please email us at Don’t forget to visit our partner site Kings Bay Restoration Project to learn more about the science, and technology, behind our process.