Will your community be next?

Is your community next?  

If the “take of one manatee” is the new criteria that will be used by USFWS to justify seizing control ofFloridawaters and establishing new regulations, including speed limits, Florida Ports may be in trouble.

Of the 14 ports in Florida, a total of 10 of those counties have had at least 8 watercraft/manatee mortalities in the past 10 years. This is the standard USFWS is applying to Citrus County.

Port County Watercraft/Manatee Mortalities 2001-2010
Port ofFt.Pierce St. Lucie 8
PortofMiami Miami-Dade 23
PortofKey West Monroe 24
Port Manatee Manatee 26
PortEverglades Broward 32
Port Citrus Citrus 33
PortofPalm Beach Palm Beach 35
PortofPinellas Pinellas 35
PortofTampa Hillsborough 39
Port Canaveral Brevard 111


Citrus County has always surpassed the standards of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 90% adult survival rate. Our rate of adult manatee survival has always been 94-96%.

However, now the new standard of “the take of one manatee” is being applied. This does not bode well for the State of Florida.

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