Fishing & Boating

Fishing and Boating in Crystal River


Crystal River has it all when it comes to fishing and boating.  Whether you enjoy fishing calm freshwater creeks and bays for crappie and bass, catching the tide just right to catch red fish and trout, or racing across the Gulf of Mexico to battle the mighty grouper, the Crystal River area is headquarters for excellence in fishing and boating experiences.


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Local guide fishermen, national magazines, and sports fishing enthusiasts near and far recognize the wealth of fishing hotspots and angler adventures that abound in Kings Bay, Crystal River, our estuaries, and the Gulf of Mexico.  Home of record breaking bass, redfish, and tarpon, the Crystal River Area has been a fishing destination for generations.


If your family enjoys the adventures of snorkeling and hunting for your dinner like an underwater Easter egg hunt, join us for our annual scalloping season.  Armed with masks, fins, snorkels, and a net, families from miles around visit Crystal River to dive for scallops each year in our warm Gulf waters.  Citrus County’s bay scallops rest in shallow waters from 2-8’ deep and are a popular family activity each year.


Watersports enthusiasts have traditionally enjoyed activities such as water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, and jet skiing throughout our networks of waterways.  Learning to ski and enjoy an active watersports lifestyle is a time honored tradition in Crystal River as many Citrus County youth can attest.  However, due to the recently imposed rules by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, these types of recreational activities will only be allowed in Kings Bay from June 1 through August 15 each year.  However, these regulations are currently being contested by local government and residents.


For the more passive watersports enthusiasts, there are a multitude of recreational opportunities such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.  Numerous kayak and canoe rental businesses are available in Crystal River for those that enjoy a slower pace and activities such as nature watching, tranquil fishing, or even the rigors of a long paddle down the Crystal River.


As you can see, Crystal River offers something for everyone.