Notices Of Intent to Sue

On April 13, 2012 the Board of Save Crystal River sent Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, whose Department is over US F&WS a formal Notice Of Intent to Sue (NOIS).

At the same time, Member Mac Williams sent as a citizen a second NOIS covering additional legal bases and to assure “Member” standing in SCR’s legal action under development. Click the Links below to read each in their entirety.

Listed below are earlier letters which were ignored by US F&WS. One from Congressman Rich Nugent and one each from the City and County.

Below is an Open Letter of Complaint to Assistant Secretary Will Shafroth, US Department of the Interior written by Save Crystal River Board Member Mac Williams:

Who is PEER and what do they have to do with Kings Bay?

PEER stands for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The members of this organization are Federal or local government employees, with some being ex-employees of these agencies. In essence, their mission is to threaten and or bring lawsuits against US F&WS and other agencies dealing with wildlife and the environment. What is boils down to is clearly “legislation and regulation by lawsuit”.

They are in a large coalition of many environmentalist organizations currently suing Federal, State and local governments around America to advance their goals, many times hindering State agencies, such as Florida’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (known as FFWCC or FWC).

PEER and other environmentalist organizations  filed the original intent to sue to the USFWS which has resulted in the proposed King’s Bay rule and now the Final Rule on March 16, 2012. You can review their documents with the links below.

Peer 2010 Notice of Intent to Sue

PEER org Official Comments to USFWS on Proposed Rule