Wood stork off endangered list after recovery in U.S. Southeast.


After 30 years of conservation efforts, it was announced last week that the wood stork will be reclassified from endangered to threatened status because the … [Read more...]

Could This Happen Here? The confusion at Indian River Lagoon


What ignited the "superbloom" and brown algae that killed 60 percent of Indian River Lagoon seagrass? Read more … [Read more...]

Springs Trivia: Fact or Myth

How much do you know about our springs? Test your knowledge to determine what kind of springs expert you are by examining the 10 statements below. Do you know … [Read more...]

Harvesting Helps Kings Bay

Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 6:16 pm I am one of the people who obtained an FWC plant removal permit for King’s Bay and got my area cleaned up. I … [Read more...]

CCA Response to Rule


To view the Coastal Conservation Association's response to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) rule view the attached document. CCA Response to Rule … [Read more...]

CCA Article From Florida Sportsman Magazine


Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida recently sent a letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) opposing their plan to increase the manatee … [Read more...]

Literature pieces featured in the Citrus County Chronicle by Save Crystal River


Subcommittee Report on ESA & Junk Science … [Read more...]

News Articles and Letters by or About Save Crystal River Inc. Featured in Citrus County Chronicle


Reporter, Mike Wright -  Nov 7, 2011, Citrus County Chronicle “'Why does it take a refuge expansion to eliminate the harassment of an animal? It’s all an … [Read more...]

Articles by Mike Wright of Citrus County Chronicle


Doomsday rule: King’s Bay subject to gov’t takeover, opponents say Dean, Smith seek Congress' help in stopping King's Bay rule Save Crystal River … [Read more...]