About Save Crystal River, Inc

Crystal River – It’s Not Just a Place, It’s a Way of Life

Who are we? Save Crystal River, Inc. (a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation), is a coalition and partnership of friends and neighbors, young parents and retirees, career professionals and business owners, residents and community leaders who became united by their commitment to maintain and protect the unique quality of life for all people in the communities of Crystal River and Citrus County.


What are our goals? It is the desire of the Board and our membership to secure, maintain and safeguard Florida’s distinctive natural resources and quality of life for current and future generations to enjoy now and for decades to come.


Current initiatives Our dedication to local community has led us to the involvement and support of the following:

  •  Creation of Public Education campaign
  • Development of awareness and inroads with local and state officials
  • Support and facilitate the Kings Bay Rotary Club One Rake At a Time Lyngbya Cleanup
  • Explore current and new methods for mechanical harvesting of the harmful algae Lyngbya from Kings Bay
  • Hunter’s Springs Parks redevelopment
  • Facilitate the Three Sisters Springs oversight and development : Three Sisters Management Plan
  • Monitor the actions of the USF&WS regarding legally required ESA classification of Florida Manatees


Why Save Crystal River? Traditional enjoyment of Florida’s natural resources and waterways have been vital historic components of our community including fishing, boating, scalloping, crabbing, water sports, nature watching, swimming, diving, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. These activities are recognized and appreciated as a valued Florida-wide recreational lifestyle, esteemed by residents and visitors alike. These water based assets continue to sustain the economy in this small community as well as provide for a unique Floridian lifestyle so many come to enjoy.


Citrus County is a community that thrives and boasts seven rivers, a vast network of lakes and springs, and borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Cross Florida Barge Canal. Conserving and securing Florida’s waterways and natural resources for future generations is not only our goal, it is our obligation. We are committed to honor Florida and it’s water culture that past generations cultivated and handed down. This dedication has enabled each one of us to enjoy the bold richness and spirit which shapes and defines Florida today.


Save Crystal River, Inc. believes community can work together to provide opportunities for individuals seeking to engage in all waterborne recreational activities while safely treasuring the diverse and extraordinary natural resource components that makes this our home. Crystal River, the gem of the “Nature Coast”!


We invite each of you to join our organization and work with together with us to:

Photo Caption on Right of Pic - Members from Save Crystal River visited with Senator Charlie Dean in Tallahassee on March, 19, 2014. From the left: Frank Fusick, Lisa Moore, Janis Huegel, Senator Dean, Bob Mercer, Candy Murphy and Susan Wells